Algae, the toolbox of the future for depolluting and feeding

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Eric Chevaillier 
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To clean up polluted water, to produce food supplements for humans or animals, to produce organic fertilisers, biodegradable clothes, rare components for cosmetics, ... the reign of algae has only just begun.

Anyone who wonders about the possibilities for sustainable development in the countries of the South should look at the innovative companies that are developing the use of cultured algae.

After decades of research and testing, several companies offer mature approaches that are ready to be deployed.

These new units produce biomass in quantity since the volume of algae doubles every day, thus ensuring a constant and easily quantifiable production. This biomass, depending on the desired use, can be used in the form of powder or wet paste.

Algae biomass also opens up incredible prospects for the production of organic and economical animal feed. The nutritional qualities of microalgae represent a natural substitute for soy and other cereals, thus reducing pressure on land and limiting deforestation.

The biomass is very rich in essential amino acids and proteins, with up to 63% protein and all essential amino acids. It contains up to 40% polyunsaturated fatty acids, up to 4% omega 3 and 15% nano-cellulose.

In addition, it can capture CO2 from human activities, with one kilo of biomass capturing over 1.8 kg of CO2. The cycle of its production also allows for the purification of wastewater, including highly polluted industrial water. Our teams have been involved in the successful implementation of an industrial pilot in western France.

We are looking for private organisations, agricultural cooperatives or public authorities in Africa or Latin America that wish to invest in this type of innovative project, taking advantage of our network of experts and our access to specialised financing. 

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